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                                                      Chief Instructor of SASKA USA:

                                       Sensei Adriaan began his karate career in 1982.



Sensei was graded to Sho-Dan   in 1994, Ni-Dan  in 1997, San-Dan in 2000 and Yon-Dan in 2004,  2008 Sensei earned his Go-Dan and in 2014  graded  to Roku-Dan under Shihan Koos Burger (8th Dan, 40+ years karate experience).

Sensei Adriaan started a karate club in 1997 in South Africa under the affiliation of SASKA. His students have shown success on national and International levels. In 2002 three of his students were selected to represent the all styles South African team at the all styles World Karate Championships in Yugoslavia.

Sensei Adriaan has also participated in many national championships in South Africa and won numerous medals. He has also been awarded elite Provincial all style colors in South Africa.

He has acted as referee on the national and international level and trained with renowned masters such as: Kase, Opeloski, Sugimoto, etc.

Sensei Adriaan immigrated to the USA in 2002 and started a dojo in Orangevale, California in February of 2003.

In October of 2003 two of his students participated at the World Championships in Buenos Aires where they won a total of three medals. Sensei Adriaan also acted as referee at this championship.

He currently trains and teaches karate four nights a week at his dojo in Orangevale.

Although Sensei Adriaan is enthusiastic about competition karate, he places emphasis on training the “budo’ way .



Sensei Tom

                Sensei Tom


“Karate is a technique that permits one to defend himself with his bare hands and fists without weapons. ” – Gichin Funakoshi


Sensei Vince            adriaan-jr            Paul

      Sensei Vince                Sensei Adriaan Jr.               Sensei Paul


Shodan Mami

        Sensei Mami