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Shihan Koos Burger, 8th Dan, is the head and chief instructor of SASKA style, was born in 1943 and started karate in 1963.

Shihan Koos Burger Shihan Koos Burger


He was graded to Shodan in 1967 by Sensei Stan Schmidt, Nidan in 1970 and Sandan in 1978. He joined Shotokan Karate International (Kanazawa) and was graded to Yondan in 1984 and Godan in 1988 by Sensei Kanazawa. Between 1983 and 1991, Shihan Koos trained in Japan twice for extended periods of time. In 1993 he joined WKSA under Kancho Taiji Kase (9th dan) as he felt much could be learned from Kancho Kase’s clean and phenomenally powerful execution of martial arts techniques. Shihan Koos was graded to 6th dan in 1996 and 7th dan in 2002 by Kancho Kase. He was graded to 8th Dan in May of 2009. He regularly trained with Kancho Kase in Andorra. Shihan Koos has taken teams to and led teams at many international championships in the USA and Europe. Shihan Koos also belongs to a Samurai group in Japan. He currently holds the position of WUKO chairman for the continent of Africa.