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Sensei Paul




El Dorado Hills Community Services (click for map)

1021 Harvard Way,
El Dorado Hills, CA, 95762
For info on the EDH location, call 916-505-1201
To register call: 916-933-6624 or visit their offices.

Sac Championships 2013 medals

2013 Saska Team EDH (5)

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Saska new student special!

  • No contract
  • No hidden fees
  • Classes taught by real black belts
  • 2 months for just 60$
  • Price include karate uniform


Karate for children
*Studies have shown that children that participate in karate have an increased sense of responsibility, a decrease in willingness to take foolish risks, have a higher confidence and self-esteem.
*A reward system improves your child’s self-esteem. The belt system in karate is the key starting point. At Saska belts are earned and never given away. An invitation to test is no guarantee of passing. Students must show focus, discipline and have a high standard of karate. This instills a great sense of accomplishment and confidence in our students.
*Another key ingredient to building confidence and self-esteem are tournaments. Tournaments let a student see if they can perform their best at a stressful situation and also to compare their skill with others at their level and to improve from what they have learned.
Attending tournaments are highly recommended but not required.